Deck the Door Decor Magnetic Door Sign Kick Plates for easy storage

Introducing Marvelous Magnetizing Interchangeable Door Kick Plates!

Our magnetic door kick plate line is great for interchangeable options for the seasons and holidays you love best.  

Magnetic kick plates mount to any steel door or can be interchanged on a base with our Magnetic Mounting Plate.

Magnetic Mounting plate for Door Sign Kick Plate

We offer design options in 6" x 30" and 8" x 34" sizes.  The depth of each kick plate is 0.03" on both size options.

They are high quality UV resistant printed images, durable to wear and tear of daily life and the elements. They roll up for easy storage when changed out.

You will love our products for years to come!

Protect and preserve your doors, give new life to and old door, or just add a flair to your entry with one of our unique magnetic kick plate designs for all occasions! 

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